Corporate communications offers businesses the opportunity to delve into strengthening internal and external relationships with key stakeholders, namely media relations, that can scale and add value to an organisation. WHC creates pathways to strong, trusting relationships, and values the need for your brand voice to be heard at the forefront of all your communications.



Every business needs to find their voice, and at WHC we aim to do that for you by creating content that is authentic to your brand and targeted to your ideal audience, to connect you with the people you are looking for. Tailored to your business plan and goals, WHC offers content creation services in social media, copywriting, blogging and more.



At WHC we understand that public relations is vital to the growth and reputation of your business, and every organisation has a story to tell. We aim to provide the media with newsworthy information to most effectively frame your business, and connect you with your target audience.



Tailor-made to your brand ideology and business strategy, WHC copywriting allows you to highlight your business in the most effective ways possible. Whether you are looking for more engagement, client relationships, or to strengthen your professional profile, WHC offers a suite of copywriting services to meet your needs.



Aligning with your goals and brand voice, WHC creates an effective strategy to optimise your overall relations with the media. This tailor-made plan adds value to your daily business interactions by promoting your organisation to the ideal clientele in the most authentic and successful way possible.  

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